walden university nurs 6501 final exam question and answers.

NURS-6501N Final Exam (4 Versions, 400 Q & A, 2021) / NURS 6501 Final Exam / NURS6501 Final Exam / NURS6501N Final Exam: |100 % Verified and Correct Answers| NURS 6501 Final Exam / NURS 6501N Final Exam / NURS6501 Final Exam / NURS6501N Final Exam • Question 1 1 out of 1 points What is the link between major depression and cortisol secretion? Selected Answer: Individuals with depression show that persistently elevated plasma cortisol levels can result in inflammation that is believed to trigger depression. • Question 2 1 out of 1 points A patient has chronic anemia associated with chronic renal failure. What substance does the healthcare professional tell the patient is needed to treat this anemia? Selected Answer: Erythropoietin • Question 3 1 out of 1 points What is the first indication of nephrotic syndrome in children? Selected Answer: Periorbital edema • Question 4 1 out of 1 points A patient is in the Emergency Department with heat stroke. What finding does the healthcare provider associate with this condition? Selected Answer: Absence of sweating despite a high core temperature • Question 5 1 out of 1 points Clinical manifestations that include irregular or heavy bleeding, the passage of large clots, and the depletion of iron stores support which diagnosis? Selected Answer: Abnormal uterine bleeding • Question 6 1 out of 1 points The health care

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