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how much do college notes sell for?

where can I buy school notes?

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a nursing test bank 

TO give other students a better idea or the person who you are and what kind of summaries you are selling, its important to make your Barmerit profile as complete as possible.

Your are required to name your selling profile and gibe it a description. give a detailed description of who you are. what you are studying and what courses you are writing summaries for.

when you log in using google or Facebook to your account, the profile picture of that respective account will be used. Profile picture can be changed by selecting a new file.

Tips: Do you have your own logo, are you the owner of the company? make your profile ore unique by using your logo.

Remember to add the institution you study in, course and year of study. this will make other students to find your profile more easily.

To change your profile picture. Login to your Barmerit account-->go to settings---> add profile picture--> select profile picture.

Marketing is a useful tool to promoting your documents. This way, the chances of selling more documents is high. in order to promote your document, you are supposed to post the link of your document of Barmerit profile on all social media for instance study related groups or social media websites.

when uploading documents on Barmerit, add a price fitting your document. you are supposed to experiment with the price of your documents, this will assist you in finding out what price people are willing to pay for your document. Always compare to other documents to get a reasonable price.

through experimentation with the price of the document, an optimal price point can be attained. changes on price are implemented directly.

you will be able to withdraw from your Barmerit account when you have reached the minimum of $10 in your wallet.

There are two payment method offered in our platform, either using paypal or card. if you don't have access to these payment methods, perhaps you could ask someone in your near surroundings (a family and friends) if they have a credit or debit card you could borrow.

The service cost are made by barmerit for maintenance of the platform. we have decide not to charge a subscription fees of fees for joining Barmerit, because Barmerit was made to be available for everyone. in order to keep the platform free for everyone, we charge a service fees. kindly contact our support team if you still have any question regarding this topic.

You can reach our support team through sending an email to support@barmerit.com or sending a message through Live chat, the live chart can be found on the bottom right of the screen. if you send a message via live chat kindly remember to leave your email, this will enable us contact you if you happen to close the live chat. otherwise we will not be able to reach you after closing the Live chat.

when you can not open a document that you have purchased on Barmerit, kindly contact our support team and try explaining the issue as detailed as possible. this will enable us to help you as soon as possible, and you will have the document in no time.

when you encounter an error such as 404, you are advised to contact support via support@barmerit.com with the screenshot so as out IT department can solve the issue. 

Yes it is possible to print the document you have just purchased on Barmerit, you can follow these steps:

               1. Login to Barmerit account.

               2. Click on the dashboard tab.

               3. Click on 'downloads'.

               4. click on the download button below the document.

               5. open downloaded files on your computer, navigate to the document and open it.

               6. Press crtl + p (for windows users), cmd + p (for mac users) to print the document.

After purchasing a document, the purchase will be available in 'downloads'. Go to the downloads tab using this link https://barmerit.com/downloads

or follow the following steps:

         1. Login to your Barmeri account

         2. click on the dashboard button

         3. click on the 'downloads'.

The document is not sent automatically via email or physical postal address.

The payment may take less than 5mins to process, thus be patient if the document doesn't show up under 'downloads'. if the document is still not visible after 5mins, send us a message via LiveChat or email at support@barmerit.com

The following format are supported on Barmerit; .doc, .docx, .pdf. All document uploaded on Barmerit will be conrted to PDF.

Everyone is allowed to upload documents on Barmerit. Just make sure that all uploaded documents are your own written content and not from someone else.

  1. visit the site homepage on this url  barmerit 
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Complete the registration form and submit.
  4. A link will be send to your email for verification.
  5. After verifying the email, Login to your account.