Test Bank: Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, 6/E, Ginny Wacker Guido

Guido, Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, 6e Chapter 01 Question 1 Type: MCSA A nurse would like to advocate for a modification of the state’s nursing practice act and believes the best strategy is to contact the persons with authority to write and change this statutory law. Whom should the nurse contact? 1. State board of nursing 2. State governor 3. State legislature 4. State nursing association Correct Answer: 3 Rationale 1: State boards of nursing are involved in the implementation and enforcement of the nurse practice act but not charged with writing the law. Rationale 2: Governors may appoint members of those on the state board of nursing, but are not involved in writing nursing practice acts. Rationale 3: State legislative bodies create and pass the individual nursing practice acts (statutory laws) and create state boards of nursing or state boards of nurse examiners (state administrative agencies) to implement and enforce those acts. Rationale 4: State nursing associations may promote or seek to change nurse practice acts, but they cannot do so independently. Global Rationale: Cognitive Level: Applying Client Need: Safe Effective Care Environment Client Need Sub: Management of Care Nursing/Integrated Concepts: Nursing Process: Implementation Learning Outcome: 1.1 Define the term law and describe four sources from which law is derived, including constitutional, statutory, administrative, and judicial (decisional) law. Question 2 Type: MCSA

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