Chapter 02: Principles of Pharmacology Moscou: Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians, 3rd Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The pharmacokinetic phases control the of the drug’s effect and the _ of the drug action. a. intensity, duration b. duration, effect c. mechanism, safety d. length, efficacy ANS: A As a drug moves throughout the body, it undergoes changes that may increase or decrease its absorption, distribution, metabolism, or elimination. These pharmacokinetic phases control the intensity (how much is absorbed and therefore distributed) of the drug’s effect and the duration (how fast it is metabolized and eliminated) of the drug action. DIF: Cognitive level 2: Comprehension REF: p. p0215 OBJ: 2 2. The time it takes for a drug to reach the concentration necessary to produce a therapeutic effect is called the of action. a. duration b. mechanism c. onset length ANS: C The length of time it takes for drug action to begin after a dose is administered is called the onset of action. The onset of action is not achieved until the drug reaches the minimum concentration in the body needed to produce drug action. The duration of action is the time between the onset of action and discontinuation of drug action. The duration of action is the amount of time (length/time) the drug concentration remains within the therapeutic range. The mechanism of action refers to the specific biochemical interaction through which a drug substance produces its pharmacological effect, the time in which it produces the effect. DIF: Cognitive level 1: Recall REF: p. p0225 OBJ: 8 3. Duration of action is the time between the of action and of drug action. a. mechanism, duration b. onset, discontinuation c. duration, concentration d. onset, mechanism ANS: B

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