Chapter 1 Issues and Trends in Pediatric Nursing MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The nurse has provided a presentation to middle school children about nursing as a career. One of the children stated that he wanted to be a pediatric nurse, because he wants to take care of babies and little “kids.” What would be an appropriate response to this middle school–aged child? 1. “Nursing is a general practice; all nurses must know how to take care of all ages of patients.” 2. “As a pediatric nurse, you would get to care for babies and little kids as well as children through their teenage years.” 3. “What you are describing is actually a neonatal nurse. Neonatal nurses work with newborn babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children.” 4. “Being a pediatric nurse requires a master’s degree, so be sure to work hard in school!” ANS: 2 Chapter: Chapter 1 Issues and Trends in Pediatric Nursing Chapter Learning Objective: 1. Define pediatric nursing. Page: 3 Heading: Introduction to Pediatric Nursing Integrated Processes: Teaching and Learning Client Need: Psychosocial Integrity Cognitive Level: Application [Applying] Concept: Cognition Difficulty: Moderate Feedback 1 This is incorrect. Nurses can specialize in a number of areas. Pediatrics is one of these areas. 2 This is correct. Pediatric nursing care requires the nurse to use assessment and evaluation tools that are unique to infants, children, and adolescent populations, not just babies and young children. 3 This is incorrect. This is not accurate. Neonatal nurses typically provide care to infants. They would not provide care to toddlers or preschool-age children. 4 This is incorrect. A master’s degree is not required to be a pediatric nurse. However, advanced degrees and additional certification are available for pediatric nurses. PTS: 1 CON: Cognition 2. The medical-surgical float nurse is assigned to the pediatric unit for the first time and states that the skills are “the same as general nursing since children are little adults with smaller bodies.” What component of pediatric nursing contraindicates this statement? 1. Pediatric nursing involves care based on the developmental level of the patient. 2. Pediatric nursing involves the patient’s family in the plan of care.3. Pediatric nursing in based on prevention of infectious diseases. 4. Pediatric nursing involves cultural sensitivity in patient care. ANS: 1 Chapter: Chapter 1 Issues and Trends in Pediatric Nursing Chapter Learning Objective: 6. Describe the roles of the pediatric nurse. Page: 3 Heading: Introduction to Pediatric Nursing > Nursing Care for Children Versus Care for Adults Integrated Processes: Nursing Process Client Need: Physiological Integrity: Reduction of Risk Potential Cognitive Level: Analysis [Analyzing] Concept: Safety Difficulty: Moderat

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