Chapter 02: Clinical Safety: The Core of Leading, Managing, and Following Yoder-Wise: Leading and Managing in Nursing, 7th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. In an effort to control costs and maximize revenues, the Rehabilitation Unit at Cross Hospital reduced the number of its managers and increased the number of units for which each manager was responsible. Within a year, the number of adverse events on the units had doubled. How do the increase in adverse events relate to decreased managers? a. The overload of staff nurse duties b. Resistance to change by staff c. A change in reporting system for everyone d. Fewer clinical leaders facilitate best practice ANS: D Eliminating barriers to the implementation of best practices is the role of managers and leaders. When there are insufficient resources for leadership to encourage a culture in which evidence-based practice is embraced, frontline nurses recognize this as a stumbling block for delivering quality care. TOP: AONE competency: Knowledge of the Health Care Environment 2. The Rehabilitation Unit at Pleasant Valley Hospital has a high number of falls. What interventions might assist to reduce the number of falls on the unit? a. Determining who is responsible for the falls b. Strengthening unit policies to avoid inappropriate admissions c. Encouraging involvemenNt oUfRnuSrsIeNs inGTedB uc.atiOon related to falls and safety d. Ensuring that patients are appropriately restrained if they are at risk for falls ANS: C The IOM (2010) emphasizes the need for nurses to engage in lifelong learning and to use evidence and best practices to inform practice and ensure safety. TOP: AONE competency: Professionalism 3. How would the nurse executive begin to increase safety in patient care areas of the Valley Hospital? a. Asking the community what the safety issues are b. Consulting with a management expert about staffing schedules c. Ensuring that the senior nursing officer attends the board meetings d. Instituting improved practices to reduce needlestick injuries ANS: C The IOM report (2004) highlighted the importance of the attendance of the senior nurse executive at board meetings to be a key spokesperson on safety and quality issues. TOP: AONE competency: Knowledge of the Health Care Environment

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