Chapter 02: Specialized Imaging Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The loud tapping noise associated with MRI comes from . a. energizing the main magnet b. radiofrequency coils c. liquid helium pumps d. motors driving the couch e. energizing the gradient magnets ANS: E 2. Which of the following does not exhibit high signal intensity on T1-weighted MRI images? a. Subacute hemorrhage b. Proteinaceous material c. Gadolinium d. Muscle ANS: D 3. Which of the following MRI techniques would be most helpful in evaluating avascular necrosis? a. T1 b. T2 c. Gradient echo d. Fat suppression ANS: D NURSINGTB.COM 4. Which of the following is not a contraindication to MRI? a. Cardiac pacemakers b. Cochlear implants c. Harrington rods d. Brain aneurysm clips ANS: C 5. The acronym SPECT is defined as . a. single positron emission computed tomography b. single-photon emission computed tomography c. axial PET d. fast PET ANS: B 6. Which of the following is the substance of choice in routine radionuclide bone imaging? a. Strontium b. Molybdenum c. Technetium

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