Chapter 2: Nursing in Canada, 1600 to the Present: A Brief Account Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The story of the early colonization of which area in Canada parallels the development of nursing? a. New Brunswick b. New France c. Quebec d. Prince Edward Island ANS: B The story of the early colonization of New France parallels the development of nursing because the establishment of hospitals and a health care system preceded the general settlement of the colony. DIF: Knowledge REF: 19 OBJ: 1 2. Which following group represents the first nurses in Canada who tended to the sick? a. Jesuit priests b. European females c. Aboriginal females d. Male attendants at a sick bay ANS: D The first nurses to tend the sickNwUeRreSmIaNle Ga TtBte.ndCaOntMs at a sick bay established at the French garrison in Port Royal in Acadia in 1629. DIF: Comprehension REF: 20 OBJ: 2 3. Which province in Canada had a seminary, a hospital, and a convent before it had a population? a. Quebec b. Ontario c. Newfoundland d. New Brunswick ANS: A Quebec had a seminary, a hospital, and a convent before it had a population. DIF: Knowledge REF: 21 OBJ: 2 4. Communicable disease took a major toll on the health of the nuns who first worked in Quebec to care for the sick. In which year did the worst recorded smallpox epidemic—during which more than 25% of the nuns died—take place? a. 1694 b. 1697 c. 1700 d. 1703

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