Chapter 2: Professional Considerations for Occupational Therapy Assistants Multiple Choice 1. A client comes to a treatment session with a look of devastation on his face. Upon discussion, the client reveals that his elderly parent has just experienced a CVA. The OTA has not experienced caring for a loved one after a CVA and responds, “I might feel the same way if I were in your position.” By taking the time to talk with the client, what is the OTA demonstrating? A. Sorrow B. Pity C. Sympathy D. Empathy ANS: D OBJ: 2.1 2. An OTA student is doing a Level II fieldwork (FW) placement in a long-term care setting. The supervising FW educator gives her some feedback on her midterm evaluation that she does not agree with. How should the student respond to her FW educator? A. Take time to process and respond with a plan for improvement to the FW educator. B. Immediately inform the FW educator that the evaluation is inaccurate. C. Request to be supervised by a different OT practitioner who works in the same department. D. Inform the Academic FW Coordinator at the college of the situation, and request a different site placement. ANS: A OBJ: 2.1 3. An OTA is discussing one of his clients with some friends over dinner because he thinks it is a particularly interesting case. Which ethical principle would the OTA have most likely breached? A. Nonmaleficence B. Autonomy C. Veracity D. Beneficence ANS: B OBJ: 2.2

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