Test Bank - Focus on Nursing Pharmacology 8th Edition by Karch

Test Bank - Focus on Nursing Pharmacology (8th Edition by Karch) Chapter 03 - Toxic Effects of Drugs 1. A nurse is planning patient teaching about a newly prescribed drug. What is a priority teaching point included by the nurse to improve compliance and safety? A) List of pharmacies where the drug can be obtained B) Measures to alleviate any discomfort associated with adverse effects C) The cost of the brand name drug compared with the generic form D) Statistics related to Phase III testing for the prescribed drug Ans: B Feedback: If a patient is aware of certain adverse effects and how to alleviate or decrease the discomfort, he or she is more likely to continue taking the medication. A list of pharmacies can be useful information but will not improve safety or compliance. Knowing the cost of the brand name versus the generic form could also be helpful to the patient. However, a substitution may not be allowable and the cost of a drug does not improve patient safety. Most patients are not concerned with the statistics related to drug testing and it would not improve compliance or safety even if the patient was interested in the information. 2. A patient presents at the clinic complaining of vaginal itching and a clear discharge. The patient reports to the nurse that she has been taking an oral antibiotic for 10 days. The nurse is aware that the patient is experiencing what? A) An adverse reaction from the antibiotic B) A drug toxicity effect of the antibiotic C) An overdose of the drug that is damaging to more than one body system D) A superinfection caused by the antibiotic, which has destroyed normal flo

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