RN Maternal Newborn Nursing ATI 2022/2023 Practice A

RN Maternal Newborn Nursing ATI 2022 Practice A Management of Care Establishing Priorities Postpartum Disorders: Priority Intervention for Uterine Atony Disorder Uterine atony results from the inability of the uterine muscle to contract adequately after birth. This can lead to postpartum hemorrhage. 1. Ensure that the urinary bladder is empty 2. Monitor for the following  Fundal height, consistency and location  Lochia for quantity, color and consistency. 3. Perform fundal massage if indicated-  if the uterus becomes firm continue assessing hemodynamic status.  If uterine atony persists, anticipate surgical intervention, such as a hysterectomy Safety and Infection Control Accident/Error/Injury Prevention Medical Conditions: Priority Action for a Client Who Is Having a Seizure 1. Make sure to position that patient to prevent aspiration 2. Make sure the patient doesn’t hurt herself 3. Monitor the FHR checking to see how the fetus is reacting to seizure 4. Wait for the seizure to pass. Health Promotion and Maintenance Ante/Intra/Postpartum and Newborn Care (1 item) Prenatal Care: Reportable Findings 1. Determine the estimated date of birth based on the last menstrual period 2. Obtain medical and nursing history to include social support and review of systems 3. Perform physical assessment to include a client’s baseline weight, vital signs and pelvic examination. Medical Conditions: Risk Factors for Preeclampsia

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