physics Question 1 Which is/are not a commonly used system

physics Question 1 Which is/are not a commonly used system of measurement in science and medicine, around the world? [Select all that apply] Metric System SI System British SystemCorrect! French System In medicine and science, the Metric and SI system are used as units of measurement around the world, varying between the two, depending on location. The British and French system are not applicable. Question 2 What is a basic unit of measurement commonly used in medicine? Gram Foot Inches Pound The foot, inches and pound are all English units of measurement. In medicine, the gram is used. Question 3 What are the common fundamental units of measurement in the SI system? [Select all that apply]Correct! Length Mass TimeYou Answered Volume Length, mass, and time are all SI units of measurement. Volume is part of the metric system Question 4 What is defined as “the quantity of material an object contains”? Volume LengthCorrect! Mass Weight Mass is defined as the quantity of material and object contains. It is neither created nor destroyed. Volume is the amount of space an object occupies; weight is how much the object weights; length measure how long the object is from end-to-end.

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