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EXAM 1 HSCO 506 • Question 1 i The lecture emphasized that different generations typically have different worldviews. If we are counseling someone just coming into adulthood in the 21st century, what should we emphasize? • Question 2 i In the discussion on worldview, the lecture contrasted the “ modern” and the “post-modern” worldview. If one held the post-modern worldview, which would be true? • Question 3 i In contrast to a biblical worldview of counseling, a psychological worldview of counseling • Question 4 i The lectures provided a brief introduction to the models of integration (based on Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture). What did we learn from that introduction? • Question 5 i The lecture emphasized the importance of understand OUR worldview as a counselor in choosing the model of counseling we use. What can we say from the lecture? • Question 6 i Finish this comparative key phrases with the correct sets of words: theology

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