HESI PRACTICE TEST MULTIDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE QUESTIONS 2022/2023 A nurse is preparing to insert a rectal suppository and observes a small amount of rectal bleeding. What action should the nurse implement? Administer the medication as scheduled after assessing the client's vital signs. Ask the pharmacist to send an alternate form of the prescribed medication to the unit. Withhold the administration of the suppository until contacting the healthcare provider The nurse is assessing a middle-aged male client for risk factors related to chronic illness. Which finding should the nurse assess further? Thinning hair and dry scalp. Increase in appetite and taste-bud acuity. Increase in muscle tone but decreased muscle strength. Increase in abdominal fat deposits. Rationale An increase in the abdominal girth is a risk factor for the development of metabolic syndrome. According to the American Heart Association, men with a waist size 40 inches or larger and women 35 inches or larger double their risk factor of developing CAD and increase their chances 5Xs of developing DMII. The home health nursing director is conducting an educational program for registered nurses and practical nurses about Medicare reimbursement. To obtain payment for Medicare services, what must be included in the client's record?

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