HESI Practice Test Comprehensive Exam 2022/2023

HESI Practice Test Comprehensive Exam 2022/2023 A nurse is planning to teach self-care measures to a female client about prevention of yeast infections. Which instructions should the nurse provide? Use a douche preparation no more than once a month. Increase daily intake of fiber and leafy green vegetables. Select nylon underwear that is looseD-ofiwntltoiandegd ,byw: ShupietreA,| aabniekday1c2o@mgmfaoil.crotmable. Distribution of this document is illegal HESI Practice Test Comprehensive Exam 2022 Stuvia.com - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material 3/21/2021 Stuvia.com - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material HESI Avoid tight-fitting clothing and do not use bubble-bath or bath salts. Rationale A common genital tract infection in females is candidiasis, which is an overgrowth of the normal vaginal flora of Candida albicans that thrives in an environment that is warm and moist and is perpetuated by tight-fitting clothing, underwear, or pantyhose made of nonabsorbent materials. The client should wear clothing that is loose fitting and absorbent, such as cotton underwear, and avoid using bubble-bath or bath salts which further irritate sensitive genital tissue. Douching is not recommended because it can irritate vaginal tissue, alter pH, and contribute to fungal growth. While increasing dietary fiber intake encourages healthy, nutritional guidelines, it is not the focus of the teaching. Cotton, not nylon undergarments, provide absorbancy and reduce moisture in the perineal area.

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