GENETICS AND GENOMICS IN NURSING AND HEALTH CARE 2ND EDITION BEERY TEST BANK Chapter 1: DNA Structure and Function Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. __A.__ 1. In which body or cell area are most genes in humans located? A. Nucleus B. Mitochondrion C. Cytoplasm D. Plasma membrane __A.__ 2. Which condition or statement exemplifies the concept of genomics rather than genetics? A. The gene for insulin is located on chromosome 11 in all people. B. Expression of any single gene is dependent on inheriting two alleles. C. Sex-linked recessive disorders affect males more often than females. D. One allele for each gene is inherited from the mother, and one is inherited from the father. __A.__ 3. What is the purpose of phosphorous in a DNA strand? A. Linking the nucleotides into a strand B. Holding complementary strands together C. Ensuring that a purine is always paired with a pyrimidine D. Preventing the separation of double-stranded DNA into single-stranded DNA __A.__ 4. What is the term used to define alternative forms of a gene that may result in different expression of the trait coded for by that gene? A. Alleles B. Bases C. Centromeres D. Diploids __D.__ 5. What percentage of bases in a stretch of double-stranded DNA that contains 30% guanine (G) bases would be adenine (A)? A. 70% B. 60% C. 30% D. 20% __C.__ 6. What is the term used to describe the organized picture of the paired chromosomes within a cell used to determine whether chromosome numbers, structures, and banding patterns are normal? A. Pedigree B. Phenotype C. Karyotype D. Autotype __D.__ 7. What would be the sequence of DNA that is complementary to a DNA section with the base sequence of GGTCAATCCTTAG? A. GATTCCTAACTGG B. TTGACCGAAGGCT C. AACTGGCTTCCGA D. CCAGTTAGGAATC

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