Chapter 02: Ethical Issues MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The difference between ethics and morals is that ethics a. is more concerned with the “why” of behavior. b. provides a framework for evaluation of the behavior. c. is broader in scope than morals. d. concentrates on the right or wrong behavior based on religion and culture values. ANS: A Ethics are concerned with the basis of the action rather than whether the action is right or wrong, good or bad. PTS: 1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Understanding REF: p. 17 OBJ: Nursing Process Step: General TOP: Ethics MSC: NCLEX: Safe and Effective Care Environment 2. A client’s wife has been informed by the physician that her spouse has a permanent C2–C3 spinal injury, which has resulted in permanent quadriplegia. The wife states that she does not want the physician or nursing staff to tell the client about his injury. The client is awake, alert, and oriented when he asks his nurse to tell him what has happened. The nurse has conflicting emotions about how to handle the situation and is experiencing a. autonomy. c. moral doubt. b. moral distress. d. moral courage. ANS: B The nurse has been placed in a situation initially causing moral distress and is struggling with determining the ethically appropriate action to take. Moral courage is the freedom to advocate for oneself, patients, and peers. Autonomy is an ethical principle. Moral doubt is not part of the AACN framework The 4A’s to Rise Above Moral Distress. PTS: 1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Understanding REF: p. 17 OBJ: Nursing Process Step: General TOP: Ethics MSC: NCLEX: Safe and Effective Care Environment Critical care nurses can best enhance the principle of autonomy by a. presenting only the information to prevent relapse in a patient. b. assisting with only tasks that cannot be done by the patient. c. providing the patient with all of the information and facts. d. guiding the patient toward the best choices for care. ANS: C Clients and families must have all the information about a certain situation to make an autonomous decision that is best for them. PTS: 1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Evaluating REF: p. 20 OBJ: Nursing Process Step: General TOP: Ethics MSC: NCLEX: Safe and Effective Care Environment

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