Chapter 02 The Chemistry of Life Answer Key Multiple Choice Questions Many traits of organisms, such as body form and color, are controlled by specific proteins, in turn controlled by the DNA genetic sequence of nucleotides. The genetic control of color, as in aphids, does not usually shift during the life of an organism. Researchers found that some specific aphid populations shift from an original red coloration to a green coloration. Genetics could be a factor, if some programmed shift could be identified. Environmental conditions of the living and nonliving habitat could be a factor. Either way, the chemistry and observed changes of pigment molecules in the aphids can be studied with the scientific method. . What is the link between colored pigment molecules and other organic molecules? A. All of the answer choices are correct. . In the case of the aphids, the pigment molecules of bacteria are genetically passed on to the DNA of infected aphids. . The DNA molecule genetic sequence regulates protein molecule function, which can change pigment structure that affects color. D. Pigment molecules are made up of all four of the other organic molecule groups. . This one group of aphids can easily alter the pigment molecule structure by modifying its DNA nucleotide sequence and building new proteins. Accessibility: Keyboard Navigation Blooms Level: 4. Analyz Learning Outcome: 02.05.02 Compare and contrast the structures and functions of the four main classes of organic molecules Section: 02.05 Section: 02.06 Topic: Nucleic Acid Type: Investigating Lif . The initial experiment of Koga and Fugatsu, in testing for any bacterial cause of aphid color change, involved all of these except A. the specific amounts of red and green pigment molecules were initially measured as dependent variables. . a group of green aphids was grown, then killed in order to produce an extract to test on red aphids. . a group of red aphids was treated with the independent variable of Rickettsiella bacteria infection from green aphids. D. a group of red aphids was grown as a control group. . a group of aphids infected with Rickettsiella bacteria was grown, then killed in order to produce an extract to test on red aphids. Accessibility: Keyboard Navigation Blooms Level: 3. Apply Learning Outcome: 02.06.01 Explain how researchers discovered that some ants defend themselves against the toxins of other ants Section: 02.06 Topic: Chemical Bond Topic: Nucleic Acid Type: Investigating Lif . The observations and research on aphid color changes can most directly be summarized in that A. Koga and Fugatsu proved that the color change from red to green in aphids was ecologically favorable to survival. . the method of paper fiber separation of pigment molecules showed that Ricketsiella bacteria were the source of the green coloration of aphids. . species of organisms can be chemically diverse and affect each other, even among similar groups of aphids and bacteria. D. it turned out that the green appearance of aphids was because of the large

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