ANS: D Chapter 02: Foundations of Perioperative Patient Care Standards Phillips: Berry & Kohn’s Operating Room Technique, 13th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Who is responsible for documenting the final counts at the end of the case as correct or incorrect? a. Scrub person b. Surgeon c. Anesthesiologist d. Circulating nurse ANS: D The circulating nurse is responsible for final documentation. REF: 22 2. Optimal patient care requires which element? a. Deterring an admission of fault in sterile technique b. Anatomic separation c. Dynamic tension of surgical team members d. Application of asepsis and sterile technique principles ANS: D Asepsis and sterile technique are expected and necessary practices in the OR setting for favorable patient outcomes. REF N URSINGTB.COM REF: 21 | 22 3. The circulating nurse should assess a patient for which type of injury before entering the OR? a. Medication error b. Wrong IV site c. Skin injury d. Sharp object ANS: C Skin injuries can be caused by many things in the OR. The nurse should assess the skin before and after the procedure to make sure no damage has been done. REF: 24 4. Caregivers should always know why they are doing a particular action. Actions should be based on . a. self-taught methods b. preceptor actions c. nursing process d. evidence-based practice

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