ATI Video Case Study- Module 2 Sierra Rivera Rasmussen College NUR2356 Multidimensional Care l 2022/2023

ATI Video Case Study- Module 2 Sierra Rivera Rasmussen College NUR2356 Multidimensional Care l 2022 Module 02 Assignment- ATI Video Case Study on Therapeutic Communication Purpose 1. Identify therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication techniques. 2. Identify congruency between verbal and non-verbal communication. 3. Document the conversation and label the parts of the conversation. Course Competency • Apply strategies for safe, effective multidimensional nursing practice when providing basic care and comfort for clients. Instructions For this assignment, fill out the template provided directly after these instructions. 1. Listen to the ATI video case study called Therapeutic Communication. 2. Record the conversation, indicating the comments made by the nurse and client in the correct columns. 3. Observe and document the verbal and non-verbal communication. 4. Label the verbal and non-verbal communication as therapeutic or non-therapeutic. 5. Provide the rationale for each of the labels (therapeutic or non-therapeutic). 6. Indicate a statement or response that may have been more therapeutic for those believed to be barriers to communication. 7. At the conclusion of the conversation, write a paragraph indicating how you would feel if you were the client in this situation. Nurse Verbal Non verbal • The nurse allows the client to speak without interruption. • She ask the patient the 2 patient identifiers. • The nurse speaks clearly and calm. • The nurse avoids direct eye contact. • The way she phrases her sentences such as “Are you feeling better NOW? When she stated “Don’t worry, things will get better soon, and she

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