ATI VIDEO CASE STUDIES  Adverse Reactions to Medications The nurse is preparing to give the first dose of cefuroxime. What action should the nurse take before giving the medication? In this case, the nurse should check with the patient’s mother/ caregiver if the patient has any allergies, if so, what kind of reactions? The nurse should also verify the medication with at least 3 checks against the MAR. Before administration, the nurse should notify the patient of the purpose of the medication and any common side effects that may occur.  Look and Sound Alike Medications The nurse is performing the first check for safe medication administration prior to administering metronidazole to Ms. Winder. He notes that the label is incorrect. What error did the nurse discover? What steps should the nurse take to minimize the risk of making a medication error? The nurse discovered that the medication ordered was not what was sent from the pharmacy. To minimize the risk of making a medication error the nurse should perform at least 3 checks prior to administration and verify the 6 rights; Right Patient, Right Route, Right Time, Right Drug, Right Dose, and Right Documentation.  Medication Administration What nursing actions should the nurse take to administer medications safely? To administer the medications safely, the nurse should keep distractions to a minimum, double check all calculations, avoid shortcuts, and follow guidelines for safe and accurate preparation and administration such as: perform at least 3 checks prior to administration and verify the 6 rights; Right Patient, Right Route, Right Time, Right Drug, Right Dose, and Right Documentation.  Medication Interactions In addition to a cardiac glycoside and diuretic, a provider prescribes an ACE inhibitor to treat a client’s heart failure. The nurse should teach the client that what over-the-counter medications can reduce the effectiveness of the ACE inhibitor? What other interactions with the ACE inhibitor should the nurse teach the client about? The nurse should teach the patient that over-the-counter nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs or NSAIDs (like acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen) can reduce the effectiveness of the ACE inhibitor. Another interaction the nurse should teach the

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