PART 1: GENERAL NOTES (Important Facts) • Be wary of questions regarding children drinking too much milk i.e. more than 3-4 cups of milk each day. Too much milk intake reduces intake of other essential nutrients, especially iron. Watch for anemia with milk-aholics. • Vitamin D’s presence is required by the parathyroid gland, in order for it to function. • If the patient is taking digoxin or K-supplements, avoid salt substitutes because many are potassium based • Potassium Sources: bananas, potatoes, citrus fruits • No milk (as well as fresh fruit or veggies) on neutropenic precautions. • Nondairy sources of calcium include RHUBARB, SARDINES, COLLARD GREENS 24 • Nonfat milk reduces reflux by increasing lower esophageal sphincter pressure • Yogurt has live cultures, so do not give to immunosuppressed patients • No phenylalanine with a kid positive for PKU (no meat, no dairy, no aspartame). • Acid Ash diet: cheese, corn, cranberries, plums, prunes, meat, poultry, pastry, bread • Alk Ash diet: milk, veggies, rhubarb, salmon

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