ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Form A

1. An assistive personnel tells a charge nurse that it is unfair that they have to take care of all the clients who are incontinent. Which of the following responses should the charge nurse make? A. I delegate tasks to personnel based on their job descriptions B. Everyone working here has to care for clients who are in continent C. Let's talk about organizing the workflow so you care for fewer of these clients D.Why do you not want to care for clients who are in continent.?: A. I delegate tasks to personnel based on their job descriptions. This response addresses the AP's concerns and provides clear information about the charge nurse's responsibility when delegating tasks. 2. A nurse on a MedSurg unit is caring for four clients.The nurse should recognize that which of the following clients is the priority? A. A client who is scheduled for a tubal ligation in two hours and is crying B. A client who has PVD and absent pulse in right foot C. A client who has T1DMN needs first dressing change for ulcer D. A client who has MR essay and axillary temp of 38°C: B. A client who has peripheral vascular disease and absent pulse in right foot. When using the airway, breathing, circulation approach to client care, the nurse determines that the priority finding is an absent pulse, which indicates no blood flow to the extremity. 3. Which of the following instructions provided by a nurse reflects effective communication regarding delegation of a task to an AP? A.Take vital signs every two hours for the client you had a choleycystectomy in room 6122 B. Check the UO at 11 o'clock for John Doe and report it to me immediately C. Report to me if the chest tube drainage is excessive for Jane doe in room 2438 D. Please notify me of any clients who is vital signs or blood glucose levels are significant: 2 / 13 ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Form B B. Check the Urinary Output at 1100 for John Doe and report it to me immediately This instruction follows the five rights of delegation by including the requirements for right direction/communication: 3 / 13 ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Form B the data to collect, client-specific information, a timeline for coat collection, and the expectation for communicating the findings back to the nurse 4. A client on a general surgical unit tells the nurse that staff members are not answering the call light promptly.The client request to be transferred to another unit. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? A. Notify charge nurse of clients request to transfer B. Assured client that their concern has been shared with the staff C.Tell client that future calls will be answered in timely manner D. Ask client to verbalize their expectations: D. Ask client to verbalize their expectations. The first action the nurse should take using the nursing process is to assess; therefore, the first action the nurse should take is to assess the client's feelings and clarify expectations. 5. A nurse is caring for a client who is recovering from a stroke.The provider recommends extracranial-intracranial bypass, but the client tells the nurse that he will not have the surgery. Which of the following action should the nurse take? A. Informed the client of consequences of decreased cerebral circulation B. Initiate mental health consult to determine why client refuses surgery C. Discussed clients concerns about having the surgery D. Provide client with information on additional treatment options: C. Discuss clients concerns about having the surgery. The nurse should ask the client relevant questions to determine their concerns regarding having the surgery.By asking relevant, open-ended questions, the nurse can help the client clarify their thoughts and feelings about the surgery. The nurse can then relay these concerns to the provider for further discussion if needed 4 / 13 ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Form B 6. A charge nurse is supervising the care of several clients. Which of the following actions requires intervention by the charge nurse? A. A nurse photocopying their assigned clients diagnostic test results B. AP documents a client VS on clients paper-based graph record C. Unit secretary faxing clients lab results to the provider D. RN stays with client who is reading the medical records that were requested: A. Nurse photocopying their assigned clients diagnostic test results 7. A nurse is receiving report from the AP assigned to the nurse's group of clients. Which of the following statements from the EAP indicates the client the nurse should assess first

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