2022/2023 HESI V2 Final Notes

2022 HESI V2 Final Notes HESI V2 Final Notes • Patient is receiving hospice care and become mottled: • Remove heating pad and place soft blanket • Patient is having suicidal thought and suddenly: • Begin to show signs of improvement • A young male in a motorcycle accident in a puddle of water: • Stabilize the victim’s neck and roll over to evaluate. • Nursing problem best for early Parkinson disease: • Impaired mobility • Demonstration of teaching daughter’s eye drop: • Remind the patient to close her eyes after the drop. • Nurse assumed care of a postoperative patient with type 2 diabetic mellitus with aglucose level of 750: • Assess for signs of fluid volume deficit. • Select all that apply for soft food: • Pasta with a cream sauce • Pancake with syrup • Scramble eggs • Steamed brown rice • Unresponsive hyperthyroidism patient: • Notify Health care provider of a positive Chvoteck’s sign • RN Gave medication to patient and patient had an adverse reaction. Place in order. • Stop infusion • Assess vital • Contact HCP • Document • Initiate report • Young boy with chronic vegetative and the mother wants to take the patient home: • Determine the mother’s basic skills • Patient is 41 weeks of gestation what finding should the nurse report: • Fetal heart rate located in the upper quadrant • Patient is 34 weeks of gestation with a slight increased level of T4 what needs to bereport immediately: • Hematocrit level of 28

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