Chapter 01: The History and Interviewing Process Ball: Seidel’s Guide to Physical Examination, 9th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which question would be considered a ―leading question?‖ a. ―Please describe any associated symptoms with your headaches?‖ b. ―You don't get headaches often, do you?‖ c. ―What activities affect the severity of your headaches?‖ d. ―What times of the day are your headaches the most severe?‖ e. ―What worries you most about your headache?‖ ANS: B This question would limit the information in the patient's answer. The other choices allow the patient more discretion about the extent of an answer. TOP: Discipline: Behavioral Science MSC: Organ System: General 2. Which action would best promote accurate translations as well as confidentiality when the caregiver does not speak the patient's language? a. Ask a person unfamiliar with the patient to translate. b. Have a friend of the patient translate. c. Ask simple leading questions that the patient may understand. d. Use a neighbor as translator. e. Involve the family with the translation. ANS: A When you do not speak the patient's language, family members or friends may pose a communication barrier and may have issues of confidentiality; a stranger as an interpreter is less biased. TOP: Discipline: Behavioral Science MSC: Organ System: General 3. Periods of silence during the interview can serve important purposes, such as: a. allowing the clinician to catch up on documentation. b. giving you a clue that you should speed up the interview. c. providing time for reflection. d. increasing the length of the visit. e. promoting a calm environment. ANS: C Silence is a useful tool during interviews for the purposes of reflection, summoning of courage, and displaying compassion. It is usually a clue for you to go slower and not to push too hard. TOP: Discipline: Behavioral Science MSC: Organ System: General 4. Which technique is most likely to result in the patient's understanding of questions? a. Use phrases that are commonly used by other patients in the area. b. Use the patient's own terms if possible.

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