Chapter 1 A--The Evolution of Psychology Student: 1. Psychology's intellectual parents are the disciplines of A. physics and physiology. B. philosophy and physiology. C. chemistry and physics. D. philosophy and chemistry. 2. The person responsible for establishing psychology as an independent discipline with its own subject matter is A. G. Stanley Hall. B. René Descartes. C. William James. D. Wilhelm Wundt. 3. According to historians, the "birth" of psychology occurred in A. 1859 in England. B. 1879 in Germany. C. 1883 in the United States. D. 1909 in the United States. 4. The notion that the subject matter of psychology should be the scientific study of conscious experience is MOST closely linked with A. William James. B. Wilhelm Wundt. C. Sigmund Freud. D. John B. Watson. 5. According to Wilhelm Wundt, the focus of psychology was on the scientific study of A. observable behavior. B. conscious experience. C. unconscious motivation. D. the functions of behavior.6. Wilhelm Wundt believed the focus of psychology should be A. questioning the nature of existence. B. studying stimulus-response associations. C. determining people's unconscious motivation for behavior. D. examining people's awareness of their immediate experience. 7. According to your textbook author, one factor that contributed to both the birth of psychology in Germany and the rapid growth of psychology in the United States toward the end of the 19th century is that A. intellectual climates in both countries favored the development of new nonscientific approaches. B. many American students choose to study in Germany. C. resources were available for expansion and universities climates were open to the development of new disciplines. D. Wilhelm Wundt was a tireless scholar who generated numerous books and articles while establishing the APA in 1892.

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