Chapter 01: Me, Meds, Milieu MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Select the best description of nursing practice in the psychiatric setting. a. The nurse primarily serves in a supportive role to other members of the team. b. The multidisciplinary approach eliminates the need to clearly define the responsibilities of nursing. c. Clearly differentiated nursing actions have been identified that distinguish nursing from other professions. d. Although professional role overlap exists, nursing offers unique contributions to psychotherapeutic management. ANS: D Professional role overlap cannot be denied; however, nursing is unique in its focus on and application of psychotherapeutic management. Psychiatric social workers do not have expertise in physical care. Ideally, all team members support each other. DIF: Cognitive level: Applying REF: p. 3 TOP: Nursing process: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Safe, Effective Care Environment 2. The primary element required to match individual patient needs with appropriate services is proper: a. planning. b. evaluation. c. assessment. d. implementation. ANS: C Proper assessment is critical for being able to determine the appropriate level of services that will provide the patient with optimal care at the lowest cost. The decision tree for the continuum of care establishes this fact. DIF: Cognitive level: Understanding REF: p. 7 TOP: Nursing process: Assessment MSC: NCLEX: Safe, Effective Care Environment 3. An adult with paranoid schizophrenia is hospitalized. This patient has frequent auditory hallucinations and walks about the unit, muttering. To use psychotherapeutic management effectively, it is most important for the nurse to: a. understand the disease process of schizophrenia. b. minimize contact between this patient and other patients. c. administer PRN medication before interacting with the patient. d. use behavior modification to decrease the frequency of hallucinations. ANS: A

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