Pairman et al: Evolve Resources for Midwifery, 3rd Edition Chapter 02: The Australian and New Zealand context Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. With respect to Australian society the term ‘Terra Nullius’ means: a. the land was owned by no one and therefore open to British settlement. b. the Aboriginals were free to sell their land to the British settlers. c. it has had little impact on perinatal outcomes. d. Aboriginals were given a better chance of living Christian lives. ANS: A 3. The 'Stolen Generations' are the generations of Aboriginal children taken away from their families by governments, churches and welfare bodies to be brought up in institutions or fostered out to white families. The consequences for the children means that they are: a. more vulnerable to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. b. more likely to come to the attention of the police as they grow into adolescents. c. more likely to have been taught to reject their Aboriginality and culture. d. all of the above. ANS: D 3. In 2010 Australian midwives became eligible for Medicare Provider numbers and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). This means that: a. as soon as they register with AHPRA, midwives can prescribe medications. b. midwives have to enter into collaborative agreements with doctors in order the use the scheme. c. all midwives can now work independently. d. PBS arrangements are an agreement between the midwife and each state/territory government. ANS: B 4. The Treaty of Waitangi makes clear references to Māori health and places obligations on the crown to ensure that Māori health interests are actively protected. Select the most correct answer. a. Its principles have little relevance for 21st-century health policy. b. Health services provided in Māori language are racist and cater to Māori privilege. c. The Treaty stresses the need for equality and balance, an expectation by Māori of equal access to health services, appropriate outcomes in the design and delivery of health policies and services.

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