Test Bank for Macionis/Gerber, Sociology, Ninth Canadian Edition Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective Multiple Choice Questions What might a sociologist say about people's selection of marriage partners? People marry because they fall in love. When it comes to romance, it’s all a matter of personal taste. Typically, a person marries someone of similar social position. When it comes to love, opposites attract. Answer: c Page Reference: 5 Skill: Applied The idea that the social world guides our actions and life choices just as the seasons influence activities and choice of clothing describes the basis of what philosophy calls ―free will.‖ the essential wisdom of the discipline of sociology. the fact that people everywhere have ―common sense.‖ the fact that people from countries all around the world make mostly identical choices about how to live. Answer: b Page Reference: 3 Skill: Conceptual Which discipline defines itself as ―the systematic study of human society‖? sociology psychology economics history Answer: a Page Reference: 3 Skill: Factual Peter Berger described using the sociological perspective as seeing the in the . good; worst tragedies new; old specific; general general; particular Answer: d Page Reference: 3 Skill: Conceptual By stating that the sociological perspective shows us ―the strange in the familiar,‖ the text argues that sociologists focus on the bizarre elements of society. reject the familiar idea that people simply decide how to act in favour of the initially strange idea that society shapes our lives. believe that people often behave in strange ways. believe that even people who are most familiar to us have some very strange habits. Answer: b Page Reference: 4–5 Skill: Conceptual Three campus roommates are talking about why they are in college. A sociological view of going to college highlights the effect of nationality, because most countries outside of the West don’t have colleges. gender, because women don’t generally attend college.

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