Chapter 01: Pharmacology and the Nursing Process in LPN Practice Visovsky: Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology, 9th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. You are assessing the skin of a newly admitted patient and note a 2 inch area of redness at the sacrum. Which type of data are you collecting with this information? a. Objective data b. Inspection c. Subjective data d. Alternative therapy ANS: A Objective data are obtained by the healthcare provider during physical examination, or that are measurable (i.e., laboratory results). DIF: Cognitive Level: Applying REF: p. 3 2. Which part of the nursing process includes setting goals for the nursing care required when giving drugs to a patient? a. Assessment b. Planning c. Evaluation d. Diagnosis ANS: B The nursing process consists of five major steps in this order: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation. It is in the planning step that the goals for nursing care related to drugs are set based upon data collected. DIF: Cognitive Level: Remembering REF: p. 4 3. When would it be appropriate to withhold a drug instead of giving it to a patient? a. When the order is written by hand b. When any part of the drug order is unclear c. When the drug improves the patient‟s symptoms d. When the order contains both the generic and trade name of the drug ANS: B You must use good judgment in carrying out a drug order. If, in your judgment, the order is unclear, or incorrect, it should be withheld (not given) until your concerns can be answered by the patient‟s healthcare provider. DIF: Cognitive Level: Applying REF: p. 4 4. Which action would you take to ensure that an order for a drug is accurate? a. Check the drug record with the Kardex file. b. Compare the order with the drug history. c. Compare the order to the patient‟s reason for admission. d. Check the drug record with the original healthcare provider‟s order.

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