MULTIPLE CHOICES 1. Which of the following components of a clinical question represents the ā€œPā€ in the PICOT format for asking clinical questions? A) The nurse's preparation for patient teaching prior to surgery B) Early ambulation versus aggressive anticoagulant therapy C) Individuals who require peritoneal dialysis D) Deep vein thrombosis 2. An unacceptably high number of patients on a geriatric, subacute medicine unit have developed pressure ulcers during their period of care. The nurses on the unit have agreed on a goal of reducing the incidence of these wounds by 50% over the next 10 weeks. This goal represents which component of the PICOT format for asking clinical questions? A) O B) P C) I D) C 3. Which of the following scenarios represents the most common obstacle that nurses encounter when attempting to gain the knowledge necessary for EBP? A) A nurse identifies several articles relevant to a clinical question, but the methodology of each is significantly flawed. B) A nurse is overwhelmed by the number of hits during a CINAHL search. C) Current research that relates to the nurse's clinical question does not exist. D) The research that the nurse locates is rooted in a medical, not nursing, perspective. 4. A nurse has attempted to begin the process of implementing EBP in the area of falls prevention but has become disillusioned by the possibility of having to read a vast number of publications. Which of the following strategies should the nurse implement in response to this problem? A) Narrow the scope of the clinical question B) Restrict the information search to publications from the past 24 months C) Seek recommendations for information sources from trusted colleagues D) Limit the search to articles that relate the findings of randomized control trials (RCTs)

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