TesT Bank for Davis’s Basic Math Review for Nursing and Health Professions: with Stepby-Step Solutions, 2nd Editon, Vicki Raines

Raines, Davis’s Basic Math Review for Nurses, 2e WTB-01-1 Chapter 1 Whole Numbers Multiple Choice 1. A nurse is figuring out the number of hours she worked in the past week. She worked an 8-hour shift on Monday and Tuesday, 5 hours on Wednesday, and 12 hours on Thursday and Friday. How many hours did she work? A. 25 B. 32 C. 45 D. 54 ANS: C 2. A nurse receives additional pay for hours worked on the weekends. The nurse’s schedule is as follows: Day Hours worked Monday 4 Tuesday 0 Wednesday 8 Thursday 8 Friday 4 Saturday 12 Sunday 4 Based on the schedule, for how many hours would the nurse receive additional pay? A. 16 B. 20 C. 28 D. 40 ANS: A 3. A nurse is caring for eight patients this morning and must document morning vital signs in each client’s medical record and flowsheet. How many medical records and flowsheets would the nurse need to access to document this information? A. 8 B. 12 C. 16 D. 20 ANS: C

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