TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit I: Intíoduction to Community Health Nuísing 1. Health: A Community View 2. Histoíical Factoís: Community Health Nuísing in Context 3. ľhinking Upstíeam: Nuísingľheoíies and Population-Focused Nuísing Píactice 4. Health Píomotion and Risk Reduction Unit II:ľhe Aít and Science of Community Health Nuísing 5. Epidemiology 6. Community Assessment 7. Community Health Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation 8. Community Health Education 9. Case Management Unit III: Factoís that Influence the Health of the Community 10. Policy, Politics, Legislation, and Community Health Nuísing 11. ľhe Health Caíe System 12. Economics of Health Caíe 13. Cultuíal Diveísity and Community Health Nuísing 14. Enviíonmental Health 15. Health in the Global Community Unit IV: Aggíegates in the Community 16. Child and Adolescent Health 17. Women's Health 18. Men's Health 19. Senioí Health 20. Family Health Unit V: Vulneíable Populations 21. Populations Affected by Disabilities 22. Veteíans Health NEW! 23. Homeless Populations 24. Ruíal and Migíant Health 25. Populations Affected by Mental Illness Unit VI: Population Health Píoblems 26. Communicable Disease 27. Substance Abuse 28. Violence 29. Natuíal and Man-Made Disasteís Unit VII: Community Health Settings 30. School Health 31. Occupational Health 32. Foíensic and Coííectional Nuísing 33. Faith Community Nuísing 34. Home Health and Hospice

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