Nies: Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition Chapter 01: Health: A Community View Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. What is the primary reason that Americans are so concerned about health care? a. Current politicians keep discussing how to improve our system. b. The media keep discussing our health care system and insurance programs. c. Our national health care costs keep increasing. d. People are concerned about some persons not being insured yet. ANS: C Although politicians and media do continue to discuss our health care system and people worry about the uninsured, the primary reason for the focus on health care is the constantly increasing costs, which cannot be sustained. Families worry they cannot afford care; politicians and media discuss the problem, as easy answers seem elusive. DIF: Comprehension REF: 2 2. What is the reason nurses are encouraged to get involved in discussions about our health care system? a. Nurses, as central characters in several popular TV series, are currently very visible in American media. b. Nurses are primarily responsible for managing the various units in our health care system. c. Nurses are the largest group of health care providers. d. Nurses are the only group that is employed both inside and outside of hospitals. ANS: C As the largest group of health care providers, nurses are informed about the current health care system and all the problems that result from people not seeking care until they are desperately ill. Nurses, as the American Nurses Association (ANA) emphasizes, usually believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. Therefore nurses, whose work is central to our current health care delivery system, can also be instrumental in working politically to create a health care delivery system that will meet health needs. While nurses are in several current TV series and are employed both inside and outside of hospitals, physicians and other health care providers are as well. Nurses are often managers, but managers often have other backgrounds, such as business administration. DIF: Comprehension REF: 2 3. What conclusion can be drawn from examining where nurses are employed? a. There is a trend toward consolidation of health care into large central medical

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