Dimensional Analysis: Calculating Dosages Safely, 2nd Edition Tracy Horntvedt © 2019 F. A. Davis Company Fractions CHAPTER 2 1. When working with fractions, what is the term for the greatest common number that divides evenly into both the numerator and the denominator? 1. Divisor 2. Factor 3. Dividend 4. Product 2. When adding fractions with different denominators, the fractions must be changed to have a common denominator. What is the term for this change? 1. Transforming 2. Averaging 3. Lowering 4. Raising 3. Reducing a fraction to the lowest terms involves which of the following? 1. Finding a factor that divides evenly into both the numerator and denominator 2. Finding a common denominator for the fractions and adding the numerators 3. Finding a common denominator for the fractions and subtracting the smaller fraction from the larger one 4. Multiplying the numerators and denominators of the fractions 4. Which statements are true when discussing improper fractions? Select all that apply. 1. Numerators are greater than or equal to their denominators. 2. Improper fractions contain both a whole number and a fraction. 3. The value of an improper fraction is greater than or equal to one. 4. Numerators are less than their denominators. 5. Improper fractions contain a numerator and denominator that are both divisible by the number two. 5. Which of the following operations require finding a common denominator before completing the equation? Select all that apply. 1. Adding fractions 2. Subtracting fractions 3. Multiplying fractions 4. Dividing fractions 5. Reducing reactions

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