Chapter 02: The Contemporary Image of Professional Nursing Cherry and Jacob: Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, and Management, 8th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which item below correctly describes the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predictions by 2020? a. Positions that historically required registered nurses will be filled by unlicensed personnel. b. The job growth rate for RNs will surpass job growth in all other occupations. c. The need for hospital nurses will dramatically decrease. d. Hospitals will finally achieve the required RN workforce. ANS: B With an employment rate expected to increase by more than 15%, job production for nurses is projected to grow faster than the average of all occupations (7%) until 2020. DIF: Knowledge 2. What effect did the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest have on health care? a. Funding for mental health care increased, allowing the point of care to change from the community to standardized institutional care. b. The public and the nursing profession were made aware of the rights of vulnerable populations. c. Nurses were seen as advoNcateRs foIr inGdivBid.uaCls wMho cannot advocate for themselves. U S N T O d. Funding for nursing traineeships was eliminated. ANS: B One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest reminded us that all individuals have rights and that it is the responsibility of the public and health care professionals to ensure that these rights are protected. DIF: Comprehension 3. Which nurse died after deliberately acquiring two bites from yellow fever carrier mosquitoes to enable her to provide care to soldiers with yellow fever during the Spanish-American War? a. Florence Nightingale b. Margaret Hoolihan c. Clara Maas d. Sairy Gamp ANS: C Clara Maas is noted as the nurse who deliberately acquired two bites from yellow fever carrier mosquitoes to enable her to provide care to soldiers with yellow fever. DIF: Knowledge

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