Chapter 02: Theories of Aging Williams: Basic Geriatric Nursing, 7th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. How does a theory differ from a fact? a. A theory proves how different influences affect a particular phenomenon. b. A theory attempts to explain and give some logical order to observations. c. A theory is a collection of facts about a particular phenomenon. d. A theory shows a relationship among facts about a particular phenomenon. ANS: B 2. The biological theory of aging uses a genetic perspective and suggests that aging is a programmed process in which . a. each person will age exactly like those in the previous generation b. a biological timeline predetermines number of cell divisions c. genetic traits can over e environmental influences d. age-related physical changes are controlled only by genetic factors ANS: B 3. The Gene Theory of aging suggests which of the following ? a. The presence of a “master gene” prolongs youth. b. Genes interact with each other to resist aging. c. Specific genes target specific body systems to initiate system deterioration. d. The activation of harmfuUl genSesNinitiTates theOaging process. ANS: D 4. The theory that identifies an unstable molecule as the causative factor in aging is the theory. a. free radical b. molecular c. neuroendocrine d. crosslink ANS: A 5. A patient uses good health maintenance practices. What aging theory most accurately relates to the patient’s practices? a. Wear-and-tear b. Free radical c. Neuroendocrine d. Molecular ANS: A 6. The patient asks the nurse to describe the neuroendocrine theory of aging. What would be an appropriate response by the nurse?

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