Test Bank, Chapter 2 Kearney-Nunnery, Advancing Your Career, 7e Page 1 of 13 Chapter 2. Theory as the Basis for Practice Questions Multiple Choice 1. The nurse researcher is planning a research study. For which reason should the nurse identify a theory as a basis of this study before proceeding? 1. It can represent graphically the phenomenon being studied. 2. It can explain how the definitions within the study are linked. 3. It can identify a broader scope of the phenomenon being studied. 4. It can validate the application of the theory to the nursing knowledge base. Answer: 2. The nurse researcher is analyzing the use of a theory as a basis for a study. For which reason should the nurse outline the phenomenon being studied with words, symbols, and lines? 1. To identify the population of interest for the study 2. To reduce the need to define the parts of the theory 3. To display the components and relationships of the theory 4. To reduce the amount of work needed to explain the theory Answer: 3. The nurse researcher is designing a study. For which reason should the nurse avoid using a conceptual model or framework instead of a theory as a basis for the study? 1. A conceptual model provides a broad scope of the propositions. 2. A conceptual model uses a graphic representation for the phenomenon. 3. A conceptual model limits the interpretation of the intent of the theory. 4. A conceptual model explains the phenomenon as the focus of the theory. Answer: 4. The nurse would like to use a conceptual model as a basis for a study. Which needs to occur before the model can be viewed as a viable theory? 1. The generalities of the concepts should be explained.

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